Štajersko prekmursko Pumpkin Seed Oil

Bottled (net quantity)

  • 1 L (bottle)
  • 0,50 L (bottle)
  • 0,25 L (bottle)
  • 0,25 L (can)

Carefully selected seeds have been processed into a harmonic experience of scent and flavour. Pumpkin seed oil is a natural source of vitamin E.

Vitamin E helpes protect cells from oxidative stress (Source:EFSA).

At the Oljarna Fram oil mill, pumpkin seeds have been turned into pumpkin seed oil since 1750. The tradition and little secrets of our masters have been passed down from generation to generation. We have been using our old recipe to create excellent pumpkin seed oil that has been well-known far beyond the Slovenian borders...

Pumpkin seed oil tastes great with any kind of salad. It can be used in baking or it can be added to vanilla ice cream, pasta, tuna and eggs. For an interesting visual effect, it can be used to decorate dishes.

Benefits of pumpkin seed oil

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