Fram Oil Factory


The beginnings of the Fram Oil Factory date back to 1750, which makes this oil factory in Fram the oldest one in Slovenia, and possibly in Europe too. We manufacture and sell high quality edible oils, produced in traditional ways.

Our pumpkin seed oil is not refined before it is bottled, but only filtered in a natural way through the deposition of small fragments at the bottom of the decanting barrels.

Tradition and small secrets in the processing of pumpkin seeds are passed on from one generation to another, thus giving origin to an excellent pumpkin seed oil.

Centuries have perfected our producers, making them incomparable on either side of the Slovenian border.

Organoleptic properties and production

Extra virgin pumpkin seed oil is dark green, almost black in colour. It has a rich and unique flavour, with a touch of caramel and aroma of the crust of freshly baked bread.

It is produced from the seeds of a special variety of pumpkin, which is green and yellow on the outside and orange on the inside. The pumpkin seeds are not used solely for producing oil, but also in diet, seeing as they represent a rich source of fatty omega acids, vitamins and minerals.

Pumpkin seed oil cannot be made from fresh, recently collected seeds. They have to be washed, dried and roasted at temperatures that do not exceed 95 degrees. From warm seeds the oil is made without the use of chemical additives but only by high-pressure processing them (at approximately 350 bar).

Pumpkin seed oil of the Štajersko-Prekmurje region is a certified foodstuff, certified by the certification body Bureau Veritas d. o. o. for the geographical indication under the certificate number PKP-013/2005.

Geographical indication, Republic of Slovenia
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food


Fram mills (our) pumpkin seed oil is available in all major and minor retail chains in Slovenia, there it is often presented with tastings and other forms of promotion.

In 2008 we have expanded our market of pumpkin seed oil to Eastern European countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Ukraine, and this year also to the Russian Federation.

At the headquarters of the Fram mills is also operating industrial shop, which is during the week open every day between 7:00 and 13:30. In the store are available all products at affordable prices. In addition we also offer a replacement for oil seeds.

Our location

Mill Fram also invites travel agencies and tour groups to visit the mill.  Visit of tourist groups is possible on prior reservation. We can also prepare a degustation of pumpkin seed oil.

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