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Fram Oil Factory - The oldest oil factory in Slovenia

Oljarna Fram d.o.o. is the oldest oil factory in Slovenia and dates back to 1750. It is the oldest oil factory in Slovenia and, according to some, possibly the oldest oil factory in this part of the Europe. They engage in production and sales of high–quality edible oils produced with traditional methods.Modern technological equipment, first–class raw materials and top–most ancient professional knowledge enable them to fulfil their essential objective which is to offer only quality products to the consumers.The production of the pumpkin oil in the Fram Oil Factory is carried out in the traditional method in keeping with the most demanding standards and regulations.This has resulted in the acquisition of the Protected Designation of Origin for pumpkin oil from the region of Štajerska and Prekmurje and the acquisition of the Safe Food Certificated issued by the Centre for Hygiene and Medicinal Ecology Maribor.


In the culinary can be pumpkin seed oil used very versatile. Pumpkin seed oil should be used everywhere where it takes some imagination and courage and should not be missing in any good kitchen.

Benefits of pumpkin seed oil


Vanilla ice cream with pumpkin oil

Ingredients: pumpkin oil, pumpkin seed, vanilla ice cream.

Cucurbits fry in a pan until it swells and than add pumpkin seed oil and let the oil heat up. This content pour on quality vanilla ice cream.

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Mill Fram also invites travel agencies and tour groups to visit the mill. Visit of tourist groups is possible on prior reservation. We can also prepare a degustation of pumpkin seed oil.

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